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This reminds me of when I was drinking at crabby636's house

and I got insanely drunk

and started crying because she wouldn’t make me spaghettios

It then led to me almost microwaving a can of spaghettios, and eventually dumping cold spaghettios in a bowl and eating them in the corner of the kitchen

I miss you! I actually had a Tech grilled cheese today, and spaghettios with meatballs for dinner. What are the odds of that!?
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The Muhlenberg School Board in PA has forced teachers to remove their classroom libraries. Despite telling the community they backed off last month. I know you had posted something about it before and didn't know if you had heard the new developments.




Woah. What is this? These are the teacher’s personal classroom libraries?


The school board wants to know what’s in the class rooms. They want an “inventory” but the inventory list doesn’t have actual quantity spaces, just ways to mark books falling into certain subjective columns. 

The school board said they backed off after all the backlash, but they didn’t. The teachers still had to turn in lists of what was “offensive” in their collections. Or face disciplinary action. It’s resulted in class room libraries being taken down. 

From a message from ask-tactician-joanne:


I’m about to head home from the Middle East and will be looking for more information about this that I can send along. Thank you very much for the update!

Essentially, if the teacher’s didn’t get the evaluation in, they would get in trouble. They only had A MONTH do evaluate ALL of their books. Albright said when we were pulled into a meeting with her that the deadline was a guideline, and that they would extend it if necessary.

When SEVERAL OF THE TEACHERS ASKED, they didn’t extended it, nor answer questions, and when one teacherdidget an extension, it was TWO DAYS.

Funnily enough, on the spreadsheet they were given that included all the criteria, there was no column for ‘quantity’, even though it said in the memo that everything needs to be ‘inventoried and evaluated’…)

There’s a petition going that went up when this first came to light.

A. S. King (another YA author) had up on facebook today about there only being one classroom library still intact.

That is ridiculous!